Welcome to Blum and Bru Broth Company!

    We are a woman owned, women run small company based out of the beautiful Sierra foothills of Northern California. Our passion is plants & sharing that passion & their amazing properties with the world in a simple to use, sustainable way. 

   Here at Blum and Bru, we provide high quality, hand crafted, pre-formulated traditional Chinese herbal blends designed to potentiate the already medicinal, healing properties of bone & veggie broths. Broth is one of the best mediums for carrying in high density nutrient herbs into the body. Each packet of our carefully crafted herbal blends provides specific nourishing nutrition and delicious flavor to any broth or soup stock. When combined with certain herbs, our food can be transformed into potent healing brews.

   As we transition through life and it’s varying seasons, try all of our soup stock varieties to support your physical and emotional well being. Simply combine the herbs in these packets with stock bones and/or vegetables, simmer slowly on the stove or in the crock pot, and strain for a nutritive broth to fortify your favorite soup recipe.

   We carefully pick our herbs from sustainable, high quality, & as local as possible farms. It’s our mission to not only provide the highest quality ingredients available to our customers, but also to provide the highest quality care to the plants we create our products from. We believe in sustainability for both humans and plants alike.