1112151140Welcome to Blum and Bru Broths! BLUM AND BRU BROTHS gathers and blends high quality tonic herbal combinations in accordance with long standing Chinese traditional recipes. Food can be a preventative and therapeutic remedy; when combined with certain herbs, our food can be transformed into potent healing brews.

As seasons change and through diverse life transitions, try all of our soup stock varieties to support your physical and emotional well being. Simply combine the herbs in this packet with stock bones and vegetables, simmer slowly, and strain for a nutritive broth to fortify your favorite soup recipe.

Megan Blumenstein

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Megan Blumenstein is the owner of Blum and Bru Broths.  Megan has been immersed in the herbal world for the past 10 years.  With a B.A. in Agroecology from Prescott College, she has worked closely with plants, has spent significant time immersed in nature, observed ecological systems and in time discovered her connection to healing plants and herbal  medicine traditions.  She has studied with various teachers from different herbal backgrounds including, western herbalism, plant spirit medicine, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Her herbal education has included study at the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, The Evergreen School of Integrative Herbology, and has had many amazing mentors and teachers including Kathy Keville, Candis Cantin, Anna Werderitsch L.Ac.  Megan enjoys cooking nourishing meals for her family and community, caring for her two sons, gardening, wildcrafting plants, spending time in nature, exploring the history of the world, helping people herbally, and blending together healing herbs at Blum and Bru Broths!

Kristin Brudevold


Kristin Brudevold is the co-owner of Blum and Bru Broths.  She received her B.A. Religious Studies focusing on Tibetan Buddhism from Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.  Upon graduating from university, she departed for Asia to further her studies of Buddhism and get lost in the mountains. She lived there for 8 years before returning to California in 2012 to pursue her studies in herbal medicine, where she continues to apprentice under a master herbalist in the foothills of the Sierra mountains.  She has studied traditional herbal medical practices in the Himalayas, and has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade. Having studied diverse indigenous approaches to thriving in wild places, she teaches shelter building, fire making, basketry, hide tanning and sewing, and wilderness awareness skills to children and teens.  Kristin enjoys mountaineering, swimming in freezing alpine lakes, writing, photography, leathercrafting, building boats, wildcrafting plants to make medicines, and geeking out on central Asian history. She has completed two 200-hour “Yoga Alliance” certified yoga teacher trainings in the Shivananda and Asthanga Yoga traditions.